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Growing up I always had a keen interest in sport, exercise and the human body. After 3 years working as a swimming teacher I decided to return to education and study at the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone, while working as a sports massage therapist alongside my degree.

One of my favourite aspects of swim teaching was having the ability to improve even just a small area of a person’s life, and I feel that choosing a career in osteopathy has allowed me to continue that, but in a different environment.

We all have the goal of reaching old age feeling “fit and healthy” but unfortunately life sometimes throws curve balls at us leaving us with aches and pains that we don’t feel we should have. Osteopathy aims to address the root cause of these aches and pains and get you back to feeling your best self.

I have a keen interest in weightlifting and functional fitness so in my spare time you will likely find me at the gym or exploring the great outdoors!

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What Is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is one of the more unique healthcare professions with a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. It is a form of manual therapy meaning the majority of our treatment is hands-on. The goal of osteopathy is to allow the body to heal itself through techniques that bring the body’s systems back into balance. The techniques used within your treatment will be individualized towards your needs, with the goal being to return your body to a harmonious state so it can function at its best.

What Does Osteopathy Treat?

Osteopathy is an excellent treatment for a variety of ailments, including, but not limited to…

  • Back pain
  • General joint aches and pains (neck, shoulder, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, foot)
  • Headaches
  • Tennis and Golfers elbow
  • Arthritic pain
  • Sciatica
  • Neuralgia
  • Circulatory and digestion issues
  • Minor sports injuries

Who Is Osteopathy For?

Osteopathy is not an age specific treatment option. Due to the personalized service and treatment given during an Osteopathy session, patients of all ages and from all walks of life can access osteopathic treatment.

Pregnant Women

One of the most difficult aspects of pregnancy is understanding what is healthy and what might harm the baby. Expectant mothers must adhere to strict diets, remain active, and are given very little options to contend with common aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Osteopathy is often recommended for pregnant women as a means of reducing pain, discomfort, and alleviating stresses on the body naturally caused by the movement of the child and bodily changes during pregnancy.


Growing pains and many other childhood conditions can cause considerable pain to the growing child. Apart from a few over the counter pain relievers, doctors are, rightfully, reluctant to prescribe pain medications to children. Osteopathy offers a potential solution without the involvement of drugs.

Sports Players

Sports is a big deal and for those who play, they want to do nothing else, but such enthusiasm in any sport can bring about aches, pains and injuries. Twisted ankles, muscle strains, pulled ligaments are all possible issues for a sports player. Osteopathy is for anyone who loves sports and plays often, as well as for fitness enthusiasts who just enjoy exercising at their local gym. Osteopathic treatment keeps your body in check and at peak performing ability on and off the sports field.

Office Workers

More and more people are resorting to office work these days and where it might seem this type of work is easier on the body, that is simply a fallacy. Sitting all day in an office chair all day in the same position can bring about a number of aches and pains in all areas of the body, but thankfully osteopathic treatment can help. We will not only aim to relieve the discomfort you are in, but we will also make suggestions for how you could potentially alter your workspace to reduce future aches and pains arising.

Labour Force Employees

Certain jobs require a bit more physicality than others. Intense physical jobs with heavy lifting and unnatural movements can put a severe strain on the body. As workers tend to perform tasks for hours on end day after day, the strain can quickly take hold of the individual. Visit us at Caterham Chiropractic to learn how to reduce the strain on your body and maintain good health.

Elderly Patients

Although we all have the dream of aging gracefully with no aches or pains this is rarely the case. Over the years our joints will often experience some level of wear and tear from our daily lives, and many of us may end up with some form of arthritis in our joints. Osteopathy can be a great way to relieve some of this discomfort, unfortunately we cannot turn back the clock and make you young again, but we can certainly try and help you continue to move like you’re still in your 20’s!

What Is Involved In Your First Visit?

Starting a new treatment of any type can be stressful. You have been to your doctor many times, but Osteopathy is different. At Caterham Chiropractic we want all patients to feel comfortable and as relaxed as possible when they come in for their appointment. To help you relax, here is what you can expect on your first visit to Caterham Chiropractic Clinic.

When you visit Caterham Chiropractic, you will find that it is remarkably different to average physician’s office. In general, GPs tend to see a large number of patients and adhere to a strict schedule. At Caterham Chiropractic, we believe in a more relaxed atmosphere and will take our time to truly listen to our patients. During your initial consultation we will…

Listen Completely

We want to get to know our patients at Caterham Chiropractic so during your initial visit we will take the time to learn about why you have come to see us, as well as collecting information about your previous medical history to ensure you are safe to treat. It goes without saying, anything said within the treatment room remains confidential between the patient and practitioner.

Perform a Proper Examination

In order to perform a proper examination, the practitioner may ask you to remove certain items of clothing that cover the treatment area. Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy meaning both examination and treatment will be most likely be hands-on. If you are uncomfortable dressing down, please do not hesitate to tell us. Privacy will be given to patients while dressing and undressing and please, feel free to bring a friend or relative to sit in the room with you if you feel this would make you more at ease.

Examine Joint Health

Part of the examination process involves us taking a look at tissues, joints, and ligaments. This part of the examination is where the Osteopath will physically move joints and check tissues with calculated pressure. This should not be painful but may be minorly uncomfortable; identifying what causes your discomfort will help us to narrow down the cause.

Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Proper diagnosis, management options, and treatment solutions are all a part of the process at Caterham Chiropractic. When you leave the treatment room you should have an understanding of why you have been experiencing discomfort. Your practitioner may also provide you with specific rehabilitation exercises, doing these exercises is vital to aid and accelerate your recovery.

The Osteopath will explain their treatment plan and give an indication of how many treatments you may need. Due to the gentle nature of osteopathic treatment side effects and risks are generally mild, but your practitioner will make you aware of these. Be sure to discuss any concerns with your Osteopath during your examination and remember to maintain any follow up appointments that are recommended. Often, Osteopathy is a series of treatments as most ailments cannot be completely alleviated in one session.

At Caterham Chiropractic, we understand you might be cautious about visiting us for your initial consultation. However, we are a team of highly motivated professionals and will always aim to put you at ease from the moment you enter the clinic. We take our patient’s comfort and care seriously and want to invite you to our offices to see what Osteopathy can do for you. No matter who you are, how old you are, or what job you do, Osteopathy can help you. Visit Caterham Chiropractic today and begin your road to better health.

About Caterham Chiropractic

We invite you to experience the joy of pain relief here at our wonderful clinic based at Eothen House, Caterham. At Caterham Chiropractic, we focus on the patient and their individual needs.

Each treatment is specifically tailored to your aches and pains, all of our bodies are very different so even though two people may be suffering with a similar ailment your treatment plan will be individualized to you. As a patient you do not need to know why you are hurting, just that you feel pain. Working out the “why” is part of our job as an Osteopath – and of course we will explain to you our thoughts on the potential cause of your pain.

What to Know

At Caterham Chiropractic, we see patients from all walks of life, from the steel worker working long shifts lifting heavy objects, to the pregnant woman struggling to maintain comfort throughout her pregnancy. Many patients come into our office with little knowledge of what Osteopathy is. That’s ok, we enjoy educating our patients on the beauty of Osteopathy and all it can provide.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is vitally important. This is where we will get to know you and take time to understand why you may be hurting, for this reason the initial consultation will be approximately 45-60 minutes long, with follow up appointments being a shorter 30-minute duration. Some of our questions may seem irrelevant but it is important we have an overall picture of your current health and ensure you are safe to treat!

Assessment of Treatment Needs

Caterham Chiropractic is a patient focused facility. We work with our patients to determine how to best treat the individual. Assessment should not feel invasive, it is the gentle hands-on approach that makes Osteopathy so effective.

On rare occasions your osteopath may request to consult with your GP to suggest further investigations such as scans or blood tests, but this is something that will always be discussed with you, the patient, first. We want to help you on your way to total body health and in order to do that we must ensure we have a full picture of your overall wellbeing.

Patient Focused Osteopathy

Sometimes it can be difficult to go about your daily life and remain active when experiencing pain. Caterham Chiropractic promises to assist you in resolving pain effectively and as quickly as possible. We provide extensive treatment options and ongoing sessions for our patients, but we also recommend specific exercises that can be done to maintain pain relief at home between sessions.

In the event that we feel Osteopathy may not be right for you we will also provide you with other suggestions and treatment options. We work to empower patients to lead a better life through a holistic approach. No matter how old you are, what your daily life is like, or what ailments you suffer from, Osteopathy is a viable solution.

Book in for a consultation at Caterham Chiropractic today and let us talk to you about what we can do for you.

Osteopathy Faq

Everyone has questions, so from Caterham Chiropractic, here are the most Frequently Asked Questions from patients.

What is an Osteopath?

Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy with a system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. Osteopaths in the UK undergo rigorous training, with new practitioners required to complete a four of five-year degree which includes many hours of clinical practice. They study anatomy, physiology and biomechanics which allows them to fully understand how the body functions when in good health; which in turn enables them to also spot when there are areas of dysfunction. An osteopath won’t aim to only relieve symptoms of pain, but they will try to identify the root cause to prevent reoccurrence in the future.

All Osteopaths are registered with the General Osteopathic Council and are not allowed to practice as an Osteopath without this registration.

Will osteopathy be enough?

A single session of osteopathy will not fix every ailment, usually multiple sessions will be required. An Osteopath works with the patient to determine whether osteopathic treatment is the only treatment necessary or if other treatment options from additional healthcare professionals may be required. Other lifestyle changes and suggestions may also be made by your practitioner where appropriate.

How long does the session last?

Your initial Osteopathy session will last longer than your average session. In general, your first session at Caterham Chiropractic will last approximately 45-60 minutes. After the initial treatment session, each additional session will last on average 30 minutes, so it is something you can do on you lunch break. The Osteopath will adjust their treatment to the needs of your body so on occasion a session may take slightly longer as we want to ensure each individual treatment is tailored to your needs.

Can osteopaths prescribe medication?

Osteopathic treatment is based on hands on manual therapy, so no medications are prescribed for treatment. The Osteopath might recommend a visit to your GP if they suspect medication is necessary to help alleviate intense pain.

How many sessions are required?

This is a difficult question to answer. Each patient is treated individually, so each person’s needs will vary. An Osteopath cannot definitively determine how many sessions are necessary at any time, but they may offer a rough estimate. Essentially, when you visit Caterham Chiropractic, we take things day by day and session by session to see how your body adheres to the treatment given. Some patients are feeling better by the second session, while others come back time and time again for multiple sessions.
Between each session the Osteopath will provide enough time for your body to essentially, normalize itself, before performing another treatment. Your Osteopath can recommend a certain number of treatments, but that number is never set in stone. It is all dependent upon how your body reacts to the treatment.

Do I need to bring anything?

In short – no. All you need to bring is yourself!
However, if you have previously had any imaging (X-rays, MRI’s etc) it can be useful for your osteopath to have a copy (if you are able to attain access to these yourself). If you are on any prescription medication and able to bring a prescription list or a written list of your medication including doses this is also useful.

What should I wear?

We may ask you to remove your outer clothing to allow us to perform a thorough examination of your posture, so please wear appropriate underwear. Leggings and shorts are also perfectly fine.

Do I need a referral?

Unlike other healthcare professions, no referral is necessary. The patient can make an appointment with one of our osteopaths at any time without the need of a referral.

What does osteopathy treat?

Osteopathy is a holistic approach to pain relief and can treat a wide range of conditions. Please view our “What we treat” page for more information.

Can I claim treatments through my health insurance?

Yes, at this time the only medical insurance we cannot accept is BUPA. If you would like more information on this, please feel free to phone the clinic in advance of your appointment on 01833 340 411.

Can my child be treated?

Absolutely. Osteopathy is a safe and effective treatment for any age. Tension in small babies due to an odd positioning while in utero can often be helped with Osteopathy. Essentially, osteopathy can follow your child throughout your pregnancy and into their own adulthood with holistic and natural healing treatments to help them grow and thrive. Patients often find that working with an Osteopath along with the child’s general physician is the best way to ensure total body health and adequate growth.

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