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We are a multi disciplinary practice with Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Massage, Clinical Psychologist and also offering Diagnostic ultrasound and Cortisone injections

Gary Edwards - Chiropractor - Caterham Chiropractic Clinic
Gary Edwards
Orit Edwards - Chiropractor - Caterham Chiropractic Clinic
Orit Edwards
Samuel Camps - Chiropractor - Caterham Chiropractic Clinic
Samuel Camps
Imogen Winter - Osteopath - Caterham Chiropractic Clinic
Imogen Winter



Ever since I can remember I went with my mother for her chiropractic treatments, and was always intrigued by the chiropractic profession. After working in different jobs for many years, I have decided to follow my dream to become a chiropractor. I have graduated as a chiropractor from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, where I also met my lovely wife, Orit Aharonovich- Edwards, and together we established our clinic. I treat and help patients suffering from acute and chronic pain and sports injuries. I enjoy working with people of all ages and from all walks of life.

I believe that being healthy is influenced by many factors such as physical activities and diet. Therefore I always give advice about lifestyle changes to allow a better quality of life. I am looking forward to meeting you in person.



As a teenager, I suffered from pain and locking in my jaw and was consulting an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist who suggested surgery to reconstruct this joint. However, part of me felt that this action was too radical for my problem so I decided to seek the advice of a chiropractor. After some treatments with a chiropractor my problem became manageable and as a result I decided I would like to become a chiropractor in order to help other people with pain and dysfunction. I qualified as a chiropractor from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic and was very lucky to meet Gary Edwards, now my husband, on my degree course. My greatest interest is working with the elderly and taking care of women during and after pregnancy.

I am using a variety of chiropractic techniques tailored to the patients’ needs and preference. Working with people, listening to their concerns and helping with difficulties of daily living is my passion. I look forward to meeting you, and will do my best to help improve your quality of life.



My Name is Samuel Camps and I graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic 2014. I’ve always wanted to be a Chiropractor after recovering from a bad injury when I was younger and the local Chiropractor was the only one able to help me.

The body wants to be healthy and it has all the tools to do so. However most of us have extremely busy lifestyles and its life’s daily challenges such as work, travel, stress or injury which can prevent the body from functioning as it should do. Chiropractic is a great way to manage those challenges. As a Chiropractor I use a variety of treatment modalities to help the body function how it should so optimal healing can occur.

Our health is in our control and addressing things such as lifestyle, wellbeing, diet and exercise we can be healthy and happy.

I look forward to meeting you and help you reach your optimal health.
I am registered with the British Chiropractic Association and a member of General Chiropractic Council (04012).



Growing up I always had a keen interest in sport, exercise and the human body. After 3 years working as a swimming teacher I decided to return to education and study at the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone, while working as a sports massage therapist alongside my degree.

One of my favourite aspects of swim teaching was having the ability to improve even just a small area of a person’s life, and I feel that choosing a career in osteopathy has allowed me to continue that, but in a different environment.

We all have the goal of reaching old age feeling “fit and healthy” but unfortunately life sometimes throws curve balls at us leaving us with aches and pains that we don’t feel we should have. Osteopathy aims to address the root cause of these aches and pains and get you back to feeling your best self.

I have a keen interest in weightlifting and functional fitness so in my spare time you will likely find me at the gym or exploring the great outdoors!

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